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negima_rp's Journal

A Mahou Sensei Negima Role Playing Community
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*Thanks so much to sky_sanctuary for the layout! ^-^ <3

Class 3-A is psychotic love.

Hello and welcome to the Mahou Sensei Negi Roleplaying Comminuty! ^__^

This is a community for thse who love MSN and, well, want to rp. - -; Just a few simple rules:

~The RP follows the manga plot. No anime here, sorry. ^-^;;

~Each character must have their own individual account.

~Each member must post at least once a week, to avoid a dead community.

~Each member may have up to 2 roles, and no more. You may also not apply for a second role until after having been a member for 2 weeks.

~No made-ups for now, there are 31 girls and plenty of other sub-characters, I'm sure you could choose from one of them.

~No spamming. No advertising. The board is used for updates and such, and I open it to members, but spam, or anything off-tropic will be removed. Discussion about the series or the rp is okay. Just no spamming.

~All posts must be in character, or otherwise marked with "OOC". This goes with the 'no made ups' rule, in that you can't play yourself. =__= If you're trying to play another character, see aove where it says 'create the individual account'.

~*Recomended, but not necessary.* Comments can be on friend-only. *not required* This way we can avoid spammers while leaving the rp itself public.

And remember, all are welcome to apply, and I'll probably approve you. All characters must be in character, and please try to stick to the rules. If you're really that impatient, IM me on xWorld0verboardx or comment on my main lj sakurafae_, and tell me the character you're snagging. I'll most likely approve.

Hopefully these'll fill up soon. ^^;


Negi Springfield *Taken- negispringfield*
Asuna Kagurazaka *Taken- asuna_kun*
Konoka Konoe *free*
Nodoka Miyazaki *Taken- nodoka_miyazaki*
Makie Sasaki *Taken- baka_pink*
Yue Ayase *Taken- yueayase*
Fei Ku *Taken- kuufei_aru*
Lingshen Chao *Taken- chao_rinshen*
Ayaka Yukihiro *Taken- ayaka_yukihiro*
Yuna Akashi *free*
Evangeline A.K. McDowell *Taken- dark_evangel*
Chachamaru Rakuso *Taken- _chachamaru*
Chisame Hasegawa *Taken- _chisame_/wink_bo_peep*
Setsuna Sakurazaki *Taken- sakurazaki*
Fuka Narutaki *Taken- fukanarutaki*
Fumika Narutaki *free
Sakurako Shiina *Taken- sakurako_shiina*
Satsuki Yotsuba *free*
Ako Izumi *free*
Kasuga Misora *free*
Chizuru Naba *free*
Kaede Nagase *free*
Natsumi Murakami *free*
Kazumi Asakura *Taken- kazumi_asakura*
Satomi Nakase *free*
Haruna Saotome *Taken- paru_tastic*
Akira Okochi *free*
Mana Tatsumiya *free*
Zazie Rainyday *Taken- zazie_rainyday_*
Takamichi Takahata *free*
Shizuna Minamoto *free*
Konoemon Konoe *free*
Eishun Konoe *free*
Anya *free*
Nekane Springfield *free*
Albert Chamomile *Taken- kamo_kun*
Kotarou Inugari *Taken- inugamikotarou*
Chigusa Amagasaki *free*
Tsukuyomi *free*
Fate *free*
Sakura Mei *free*
Takane D. Goodman *free*
Chachazero *Taken- chachazero*
Willhelm *free*

If I've forgotten anyone, do let me know and I'll be happy to add it...

Looking forward to seeing you here. ^-^

~Your loving mods,


Also, be sure to check out tenchi_rating, since I'm required to post this somewhere. =__=;;